Tetrobot and Co.

Tetrobot and Co. is a 2D puzzle game developed by Swing Swing Submarine.   Steam 15  Get it on Steam

Tetrobot Think Again 01

Think! Think Again!


This small Tetrobot level features an interesting gameplay concept: Every time you solve a puzzle, you are given blocks of a new material, but the next puzzle can't be solved with that set of blocks... so you have to go back and solve all the previous puzzles in a different way until you get the needed combination of blocks for progress...

This level was chosen as one of the winners of Swing Swing Submarine's 'Tetrobot and Co. Level Design competition' in 2015... Woohoo! \o/

Chain Reactions


Shoot the cannon and watch awesome domino effects in action! The problem is... you have to set up the chain reactions beforehand by yourself...

This puzzle features 3 completely independent branches involving a different kind of chain reaction each. While the chain reaction puzzles can be pretty hard, the level pacing is balanced with quite a lot of easier puzzles that should work as hints to the solutions of the hard ones.

Tetrobot Chain Reactions 01
Tetrobot Companion Key 02

The Companion Key!


The Key block in Tetrobot and Co. is mostly used as a reward after having solved one of the hard levels... the sound it makes feels so good... 😛 In this map, however, you are given the Key at the very beginning, but (as it can be seen in the screenshot) you can't collect it if you want to progress... The Key is a valuable block with its unique properties, and it must be used in a creative way in each of the ~15 puzzles featured in this pretty long journey... Don't give up, you know how cool the reward is!

Portal 2

Portal 2 is a 3D, first person puzzle game developed by Valve Software.   Steam 15  Get it on Steam

The High Floor Dilemma


A dilemma is a problem offering two possibilities, neither of which is practically acceptable... Will you be able to overcome both of them to find the true solution? Think outside the box! 🙂

ken.roberts@Steam Workshop: Oh my - after almost a year I solved it. This is the ONLY map I have ever done with this type of solution - ingenious!!!!!!!

DrFauli@Steam Workshop: This map should have more subscribers. I really like the way you have to solve it.

Portal2 High Floor 1
Portal2 Sidetrack 1



A ridiculously small test chamber that involves a slightly unorthodox move. My design goal with this one was to keep it as simple as possible, so players can figure out what the weird move is because nothing else seems to work.

Toki Tori

Toki Tori is a 2D puzzle game developed by TwoTribes.   Steam 15  Get it on Steam More 15  Custom Level Launcher

Chicken Meets Phantom


An elegant, medium-sized Creepy castle level, focused on figuring out the order that the eggs have to be collected. Be careful, though, as the level may be devilishly pointing you to wrong solutions... Getting the most out of the single phantom in the puzzle is key to finding the true solution!

TokiTori Chicken Meets Phantom Screenshot
TokiTori Box Paradox Screenshot

Box Paradox


One of the smallest Toki Tori levels, and my personal favourite! This little puzzle is a lot harder than it may look at first sight! As the title points out, something weird must occur inside the box, if you want to grab all the eggs!

This puzzle was chosen as the Winner of the Toki Tori Mapping Contest that took place at Steam Forums in 2012! Yay! \o/

Phantom Conundrum


Your ghost traps are infinite in this level, but the ghosts are not. Make sure to use your traps wisely to open up paths to every egg of this large and difficult Creepy Castle map! If your ghosts are not following crazy twisted paths, then you are not on the right track... 😛

Dark Cyanide@Steam Forums:

Last night as I lay, waiting for sleep in my bed,
a conundrum of phantoms danced in my head.
A soothing voice whispered to me, across the endless night:
"Move the top left switch brick, it'll be alright".
With sudden realisation, my heart began to sing,
for finally, at last, I had solved the ♥♥♥♥ing thing...

TokiTori Phantom Conundrum Screenshot